How do I book?

Simply search through our events and select the Supper Club that shouts ‘book me!’ Fill in your details, check out and you’ll receive an email to confirm your place. Drinks will be paid locally on the night of the event direct to the venue.

How does it work?

Find your time slot and make your booking – you will be assigned a table and will simply need to quote the name of booking on the evening.

Can I cancel my booking?

Unlike restaurants, supper club chefs carefully plan their budget and ingredients around the number of guests that have booked. Therefore, cancellations have a huge impact on chefs and leave empty spaces around the table.

If you are unable to keep your booking please contact us straight away. There’s two ways we can handle the cancellation:
° You can pass your ticket onto a friend (but don’t forget to send them and us all the details!)
° You can’t find anyone to take your place…
If the event you’ve booked for is over two weeks away, we will contact our waiting list and try and fill your places. In the unlikely event we are unable to do this you will receive a voucher for the total of your booking. If the event is less than two weeks away, we will attempt to resell your ticket(s) – if they are resold you will receive a full refund. If we are unable to resell your ticket(s) unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund.

Is there a dress code?

Unless specified on the event page the dress code will be smart casual. However, there might be some themed events where you will have the chance to dress up!

Can I come on my own?

Absolutely! People sign up to Supper Clubs because they love both food and socialising, they have a warm atmosphere and the chefs are always welcoming regardless of who you arrive with.

Seating arrangements.

We host events in many different venues that offer varying seating options. Some venues enable parties to be seated as per their booking, other venues are hosted on sharing tables where we seat smaller parties together. If the venue requires shared tables, it will always be stated when booking, don’t panic!

How do I know when new events are planned?

You can subscribe to our mailing list, search directly on or follow us on Instagram @saucesupperclub to see the latest updates.

What if I have specific dietary requirements?

Due to the nature of these events we are only able to cater for certain dietary requirements. Please contact us in advance to ensure we are able to meet your requirements before you make a booking.