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We will deliver the perfect wine pairing along with your Dine at Home box from the guys at Worth Brothers 

Wine Pairing for 2 – £30

Lunetta 200ml Rose – Bread 

A beautifully fresh and dry sparkling rosé from the foothills of the Trentino mountains.

Felicette Grenache Blanc – Languedoc/France – Cod 

Exotic fruits and citrus on the nose, with hints of peach and nectarine. The wine is fresh and well-balanced with flowery notes and a mix of minerality and exotic flavours

The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon – Langhorne Creek, Australia – Beef 

The nose shows an array of perfumed characters such as violets, oregano and thyme, along with glacé cherry aromas. Sweet ripe cherry fruit dominates the front palate which then develops into a more savoury wine, showing earthiness, toasted spices and lovely dried herb characters.