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We will deliver the perfect wine pairing along with your Dine at Home box from the guys at Wine Freedom, Birmingham!

Wines x 2  £38

WHITE PREMIUM -Chenin Blanc 2019 – Intellego – Swartland, South Africa 75cl

Chicken and spiced chorizo tortellini, roasted sweetcorn veloute, red pepper ragout, chorizo oil.

The Chenin is from two sites with different soils giving the wine a firm acidity with an apple crispness to it working well with the spiciness from the chorizo, a touch of almond and pear also highlights the sweetness of the corn and pepper.

RED PREMIUM -El Marciano Garnacha 2019 – Alfredo Maestro – Gredos, Spain 75cl 

Slow roast shoulder of Herdwick Lamb, skin on smoked potato hash, lamb fat roasted leeks and turnips, leek purée, mint ketchup, rosemary lamb sauce

For main, The Garnacha has a real rustic note behind it allowing it to pair well with the sauce and lamb fat roasted leeks and turnips. The quite deep, full fruity flavours, with a slight spritz behind also allows the wine to cut through the thick ketchup and puree.

Dessert cocktail- Old Fashioned- add one per person