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St Johns House, Saint John Street, Lichfield, UK

Price: From £75.00

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A delicious 6 course tasting menu at St Johns House, Lichfield

6 Course tasting menu | £75

Ahead of Tom’s new restaurant opening in the centre of Lichfield we are excited to host this special pop up at St Johns House, Lichfield on March 28th.

After 2 years at 1 Michelin Star Adams Restaurant, Birmingham as head chef, Tom is ready to start his next chapter and is opening his own restaurant in the centre of Lichfield. We are so excited and cannot wait for Tom to open! You don’t have to wait until October to try Tom’s new menu however – book into our event at St Johns for a flavour sensation!

“The location where I am opening, there isn’t anything like this there and I’ve got a good feeling that the people of Lichfield will welcome this type of restaurant. My aim is to become the first Michelin star restaurant of Lichfield. They are going to get food that I want them to be impressed by. It will be a really refined version of nostalgic cooking that they can relate to. Hopefully the food will blow their minds in terms of flavour!”

He added: “I want it to be a restaurant they want to come back to.”

Please advise dietary requirements at time of booking. Please email beth@saucesupperclub.co.uk if you would like to receive a copy of Tom’s menu.

Please note diners will be seated on sharing tables with other diners. If you prefer your own table please specify at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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