Alex Claridge Chef, Owner at The Wildnerness

Twitter: @thewildernessb5 Website:

Alex set up The Wilderness in Birmingham to cook modern British food to excite, provoke and taste delicious.

“I cook things as often as I need to pay the bills and buy a bottle of whisky. Thankfully 60% of the time, everyone loves it. It’s big balls out food based on places, people and memories that I like.

I want the dining experience to be as relaxed as possible and I want everyone to feel welcome. I’m not interested in making fine dining stuffy or inaccessible; I don’t care what you wear, I just want you to have the best possible time whilst you’re with us.” I don¹t really know what to put here, but if you¹re interested in finding out more please swipe right.

Exciting and innovative, the cuisine at The Wilderness is modern British, using seasonal produce foraged and sourced both locally and from across the UK. What it isn’t is a formal fine dining experience complete with linen tablecloths and stuffy atmosphere. What it is, is a cult restaurant serving up some of THE best bites of food to be found in Birmingham.